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  • Ölçüsan Ölçü Aletleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Based on 35 years of experience, we produce for the Turkish and European market (but also world-wide) Display Instruments, Sensors, Digital Tachographs, Speedometer Cables, and all sorts of Accessories and parts used for trucks and tractors. Our website will provide you with an overview of our standard production program. Apart from this, we also produce a large number of customized products. Our great flexibility enables us to develop and produce solutions for your special needs and applications. Simply approach us with your problem. We are your competent partner from product development to series production.

    Instruments: Round ınstruments in 52 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 140 mm diameter, metal or plastic housing, illumination or backlighting (night design), standard or insulated return, 12 oder 24 V, dezel rectangular, optionally triangle.
    Sensors: Temperature sensors and temperature switches, pressure sensors and switches, fuel sensors (immersion-tube sensors and float-operated sensors), impulse sensors (hall-effect sensors, alternator sensors, inductive sensors). For all of these instruments countless possibilities exist to accomodate your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us, if you require specific lengths, switching points, threads, pressure ranges, etc.
    Digital Tachographs: This product is produced according to Turkish requirements and licensed only for Turkey.
    Speedometer Cables and Accessories: We can produce speedometer cables for almost every application. As Accessories, Fitting for all display instruments and sensors. For example: terminal for instruments or impulse sensors, adapters for all applications, buzzers, lamp bulbs and fittings.

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